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Wow, what a ride. The summer has wound down here and I’m so stoked to still be in the Miles Schon band. I feel like I’m finally getting my keyboard parts and rhythm guitar parts solid. The venues we are starting to play are getting bigger and more boutique. What fun!! I’ve set up a website for the band at We’ve finally got a decent promo video too. I’ll include it below.

I’ve started to work solo at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose too. Thats a beautiful place to make music. I’m even working the farmers markets still and enjoying that.

Things are rolling along after a year of working to get established in this new area. This is the 3rd time my wife and I have moved in 7 years. I think I’m getting better at marketing myself and finding the great gigs in a new area. I had to do that the first year or two in Vail but once established its pretty easy to keep the gigs coming in and the next 8 years of booking myself in Vail were a breeze. Once again though my wife’s job is changing and it looks like we could be moving. At least my marketing skills are improving and if we go somewhere new I’ll know what to do.

Till then I’ll keep plugging away in the Silicon Valley and looking forward to the Ritz in Lake Tahoe starting their winter season soon. The Miles Schon Band has a performance I’m looking forward to at Club Fox in Redwood City on Nov 8th. Thats a terrific venue for live music.

All the best to everyone and here’s the latest Miles Schon Band video below.



By Wil

Wil is a professional singer and musician based in Los Angeles. Originally from the State of Colorado he now performs across the country. Both solo and with bands.