Wil and his Carvin-JB5


Wil continues to work as a bass player in band line-ups in combination with his solo gigs. Demo below –

Wil’s first full time gig in music was in a cover band playing bass guitar and singing. He was 19 years old. Wil played bass in that cover band for 7 years, 5 hours a night, 5 to 6 nights a week traveling the east coast and mid west. The band traveled 52 weeks out of the year. Needless to say he gained a lot of experience on bass guitar and became skilled at delivering clean powerful bass lines. When Wil got off the road on the east coast and landed in San Diego, California he got a gig singing lead in a local band and eventually developed his solo performance style singing and playing acoustic guitar. Playing solo became his full time career from then on.

He still has a passion for playing bass how ever and loves working in the rhythm section of a blues, funk, or pop band.

Wil currently plays bass in Lara Price’s Velvet Plum band
Velvet Plum Website

Acoustic Solo Singer & Bass Guitarist, Los Angeles, CA.