Vegas and Tahoe

What an awesome but tiring week. First, I drove from San Jose to Big Bear Lake, California to visit some long time friends who I used to SCUBA dive with back in the early 90s (Do you guys remember the 1900s?). What a treat to see Loren and Patty again! I had never met their 16 year old son Conor. Just shows you how long its been since I saw them last. They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Barbecue on Big Bear Lake with great friends!
Barbecue on Big Bear Lake with great friends!

Then on to Las Vegas where I played keyboards and guitar with “The Miles Schon Band”. We were playing in the Lounge at The Palms Hotel and Miles’s dad Neil Schon (founding member of Journey) was playing with Journey in the main concert hall. After they’re show the band came over to watch us. Very exciting for me and I’m still a bit star struck with the whole thing. I’m starting to calm down though LOL.

Then yesterday morning I got up early (just a few hours sleep from performing the night before) and drove 8 hours north through the desert to Lake Tahoe for a weekend of solo performances at the Ritz Carlton in the Northstar ski resort. I’m being reminded that travel is a big part of being a full time musician. Thankfully I love to travel 🙂

I hope you guys have a nice Labor day week end and thanks again for subscribing to this blog!


This was “The Lounge at The Palms” where we played.
Marquee at The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Marquee at The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
View of the Desert
Driving from Big Bear Lake back down to the desert and Las Vegas!




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