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Performing with the Miles Schon Band!

So I haven’t been on my blog for a while and I’m sure you all missed me. Both of you!

I’ve gotten really busy in a very short time as the summer rolls into the San Francisco bay area. The farmers markets bookers keep calling me and wanting me to fill in. The Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe has booked me every Friday night for the summer starting the 4th of July. Here goes another 10,000 miles on my car!

And one of the most personally exciting things thats happened recently is that Miles Schon (Son of “Journey” ‘s Neal Schon) has asked me to play a few performances around the bay are with his band this summer. Whats more exciting and challenging is that he wants me to play supporting keyboard parts and rhythm guitar parts. Unbelievable! Miles is an amazing musician and its all I can do to practice enough to make sure I’m contributing to his awesome performances. I have to admit I’m more than a little star struck. He’s a class act and I’m more than honored to be creating music with him. Who knows where it will lead after this summer but hey, what a ride for now.

OK, I’ll try not to be gone so long. All the best to you guys out there. Both of you!


By Wil

Wil is a professional singer and musician based in Los Angeles. Originally from the State of Colorado he now performs across the country. Both solo and with bands.