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The Space Shuttle Fly by!

I was driving the free way yesterday and kept seeing people hanging out on the pedestrian bridges. They looked like they were watching for something. When I finally asked some one they told me the space shuttle Endeavor was going to fly over on the back of the 747 jet that transports the space shuttles around the country. I got back to our home and grabbed my video cam. Then I hustled to the nearest overpass of pedestrians and caught the Jet and shuttle on video. It sounds like everyone around the south bay was outside watching. The shuttle was being transported to its final destination in a museum in L.A.

Back to California

I’m in a hotel in Wendover Utah. Driving west back to the South Bay after several successful gigs in Colorado. I might post a video of a gig there on the video page. I’m tired. 10 hours to drive tomorrow and trying to blog on the iPad keyboard is hard! The Mini is runnin great so far. Fingers are crossed and eyes are closing…

Sitting in Around the South Bay

So I’m getting out and meeting other musicians. The open mic nights have been fun and even led to a couple of gigs. There is no substitute for networking. Meeting some killer musicians and incredibly nice people. Many thanks for my friend Tom Buckman for helping me get connected. I’ve got to go back to Denver for a couple of weeks to perform a concert and drive one of our cars back to California. It will be fun to see my friends back there and perform in Cordillera. I will miss my wife and my new friends here though.

Back in the U.S.A.!

And we got here for the 4th of July. How appropriate 🙂

The weather is stunning. That being said I will miss my friends in Ireland. We are up to Lake Tahoe for the holiday and then back to start our new life in South San Francisco Bay. I’ll be hitting some open mic nights to hopefully meet some other musicians and get a lay of the land. It’s great to be back in California. I lived in San Diego in the 90’s and have fond memories of the weather and people.

All the best to everyone in Ireland and thanks for a wonderful 3 years of music and friendship. Please come visit!!

Crossing the Sierra Nevada