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Another Song From OTR Studios

Getting ready for another busy week today. Tonight I’m at the Winemakers Pour House Winebar in Livermore California. Then tomorrow night I’m on keyboards and rhythm guitar with the Miles Schon Band at Sammy’s in Roseville California. From there I head on up to the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe and Saturday I’m back down in the south bay to play bass with Joanne Leblanc and the Fugitive Blues Band. I’m already tired just writing about it. 🙂 Lots of driving but I’m really stoked to be working a lot and its a ton of fun making music in these great venues with these excellent musicians!

Just thought I’d post another recording from OTR Studios. Again, these songs were recorded live as I was playing guitar and singing at the same time. This one is me singing a 1980s cover that I used to sing in bands back then. I started performing the song solo in the 90s. I found out it was a much bigger hit in Ireland and the UK than it was here and I played this song quite a bit when we lived in Ireland. It’s from a Scottish band called “Danny Wilson” and the song is called “Mary’s Prayer”.

All the best, Wil


By Wil

Wil is a professional singer and musician based in Los Angeles. Originally from the State of Colorado he now performs across the country. Both solo and with bands.